Great Dane Club of Southeast Florida

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Officers & Board of Directors


                                                                          President:                 Jennifer Hester

                                                                          Vice President:         Michelle Conroy

                                                                          Secretary:                 Mary Carson 

                                                                          Treasurer:                 Maavrik Leitch


                                                                          GDCA Delegate:       Kathy Toomey

Board of Directors

                                                                        Board Member #1:    Kelly Weidner


                                                                        Board Member #2:    Janis Snyder

                                                                        Board Member #3:    Cindy Cannova

                                                                        Board Member #4:    Jennifer Denick


Committee Chairs

                                                                         Show:                                    Vacant

                                                                         Membership:                         Amber Finkel

                                                                         Rescue:                                 Vacant

                                                                         Website & Social Media:       Jennifer Hester / Michelle Conroy

                                                                         Quarterly Newsletter:            Vacant


                                                                         Fundraising:                           Vacant


                                                                         Nominating:                            Vacant